Born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri; it is customary to find a barbecue going on in either a backyard setting or in a restaurant establishment. Barbecue is served on just about every corner. The smell of Barbecue while driving down the street in Kansas City is no big deal. Barbecue is a major part of the Kansas City Culture.

In 2003, while attending a company celebration at work in Nashville, Tennessee; I noticed that everyone there was anxiously waiting in line to get their chance to sink their teeth into the Barbecue being served that day by a local establishment. Pulled Pork was literally Barbecue to the people there in Nashville. The meat was usually boiled, smoked and then pulled off the bone and then garnished in a vinegar based Barbecue sauce.

Having, what I considered a pretty good understanding of what good barbecue was, I began to prepare Barbecue in my kitchen to perfect my Barbecuing skills.

I started Big D’s Kansas City Style Bar-B-Q in the spring of 2004.  I started selling ribs and bottles of barbecue sauce and catered parties for friends and family gatherings. I expanded to a Kiosk; selling rib and brisket sandwiches out of a Shell station located by the airport there in Nashville.

As time went on I was afforded the opportunity to sell my Barbecue right out of the company cafeteria at the company I was employed by. Once a month I’d bring in ribs, brisket, pulled pork; baked beans and coleslaw and people lined up and bought my Barbecue.

Later I was hired by a leading Ford dealership in the Nashville area to feed their sales staff on Saturdays and Sundays. I even catered their annual company picnic for 150 people.

I was a warded the Grand Prize for my Barbecue Chicken at the 2008 7th Avenue Heritage Festival Barbecue competition held in Columbus, Mississippi.

Barbecue and the cooking of all types of food was part of the Davis family as far back as I can remember. My mother Willie Mae, taught all her boys how to cook. My brothers Willie, Paul and Robert all have had catering businesses.  Our family owned Barbecue Sauce ‘Seasons’ has sold in stores throughout the Seattle area.  My Nephew, Demetrius  owns ‘KC Dee’s Barbecue’ Resturaunt   in the Seattle Washington area.

All our food is prepared with ‘LOVE’ and ‘PRIDE’ so that food always comes out full of flavor and done just right! So whether catering is needed for a family gathering; party or picnic, whatever the event, Big D’s Kansas City Style Bar-B-Q will rise to the occasion.